Mom, please STOP!


So I had to join in on this linky party and who better than my very own Jackson?  I know this is very sad and cruel, but I never get tired of tormenting my little boy.  He pretends like he doesn't like it but I know he loves it deep down inside.

To understand this picture, you have to know that our bathroom has be completely a wreck for a week.  The bathroom and two bedrooms was just torturous.  So here's Jackson sitting on the corner where all these loud noises are happening right below him as I work on the bathroom.

Please, Mom, please stop!


  1. Jackson ... sorry cutie ... but we love you so much we just have to get it on film film any more. I've heard the same thing from yorkie ... he poses for me .... he wears what I ask him to ... but I can tell he's just waiting for me to say okay...let's go. Thank you for posing so handsomely for my little Puppy Love Party. You are truly a handsome guy.

  2. I'm just stopping by to say hello from Puppy Love Photo Party & Cats Link up!

    Your fur baby is sooo cute!

  3. lol Jaskson looks a little scared.. My Fergie is so scared of everything! Cute Cute picture girl!!

    1. Thank you. I love that scared face of his.

  4. That face is priceless!!! stopping by from link party!

  5. How cute is he? I am stopping by from Reinventing the Ordinary and I just became a new follower : )


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