Over the last few days I have been overwhelmed with this truth.  It's not enough to want change.  It's not enough to talk about change.  If true change is going to happen, about anything in life, it will only happen after action is taken.

It seems like every picture that makes its way into my timeline and every forwarded email that shows up in my inbox is a heartbreaking story of tragedy or inspiration.  Some ask for money, some encourage an emotional response, but all--all--compel the viewer to make a difference and pass the picture or pictures or email along.  Yet, passing along doesn't change the problem.  Raising awareness doesn't change the problem.  

But action does.

So here's my encouragement to you.  Believe me, this is a project that I'm doing tonight.  Make a list of goals--steps you can take to change your world.  Read that list everyday.  Look for your opportunity to act on that step.  Rather than passing it along do something to change the problem.  

It's your responsibility.  

It's your choice.  

It's your chance to be great and make a difference in the world.    

All My Love for All My Days,


P.S.  One person can change the world.

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