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Hello dear friends.  I've got some exciting news.  Today is your lucky day because not only do you get to meet three awesome sponsors, you also get the get to participate in an amazing giveaway.  If you are interested in sponsoring All My Love for All My Days check out this page.  Also, use promo code FEELINGIT25 to receive 25% off your ad purchase.

So are you ready?  Here we go...

My {Not So} Glamorous Life

Jennifer shares, "[I blog because] It is my creative outlet. It is one of the things that is just for me. It doesn't belong to my kids, my husband, my family. Just me. It's all mine, and I need that."
As I've read Jenn's blog I have found her to be a very positive. Every Wednesday she writes a series called What I Love Wednesday. She is so great about commenting and connecting to her readers. On top of that, she has three kids. I remember a tweet from last week. School's fixing to start for her kids. She's putting them on a schedule. I think that's good. Kids need structure and love and she's giving it to them. You've got to stop by her blog!

Bee Littlequeen
Brit writes about blogging, "I blog because I love to write. I love meeting new people and making friend connections. I hope that through blogging and sharing my life that I can inspire others to just be kind and love. I also wish that through me blogging, people find hope or humor when they visit my blog." I think we can all agree that Brit does inspire us. I know she inspires me.

Pointing Up
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This young lady is my sister, Dalayna. I love her very much and I love living with her...at least most of the time. If you haven't, you need to check out Sister Talk. It's a vlog series that happens every Monday.
When asked why she blogs she wrote, "To escape from my older sister." Now, we all know Dalayna is fool...excuse me, full of humor, so we must pardon her ridiculous use of satired prose on this occasion. However, with her next impropriety it shall be off with her lovely head. No, really, I love her.
And now the moment we've been waiting for...a giveaway!

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