my piece of earth

There are those pieces of earth that heal your soul.
     They remind you who you are
           Who you're called to be
           How you think
           How you feel
That plot of soil calls me to it's bed of green
      and when I'm there I feel home
          self assurance
     Peace in the friendships
     Self assurance in the education
     Trust in the memories
I love my piece of earth and I feel it calling me now, and every more, to be more, to love more, to give more--
               to serve even more

Today I got to go to my "piece of earth."  Not to be Scarlet O'hara are anything, but it's my's a place that I remember who I am and the relationships that changed me life...the experiences that molded me...and I find a renewed solidity in myself and in God.

Thanks for letting me share.

All My Love for All My Days,



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