Pops of Magenta

As I write this we are facing severe fire dangers as wildfires escalating in Tulsa county.  One of my college professors and a dear friend is in the hospital after a heart attack.  It's not looking good.  Oklahoma has been in a severe drought.  So when I sat down to put this post together I looked at my collected online notes and found them trivial




But, I needed the therapy.

Magenta is such a unique color and I love it.  When I originally saw this picture (below) it got my mind turing.  Unfortunately, this color won't work in my new bedroom, but I am looking to add a few understated pops into the room.

If you think of us here in Oklahoma please say a prayer.  We need God to provide the miracle of rain.  And if you think of my professor I'd appreciate you praying for him too.


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