a week of Thanksgiving...Dalayna Dillon


The warmth, the smell, the laughter in the air
today is Thanksgiving day.
You greet and smile, with plans to stay a while
but the day will all too soon come to an end.

This time of year you hold what's dear
in such a high regard.
The normal things that appear mundane
are the very things we are so glad to maintain.

It is easy to get caught up on all that we do not have,
we are people of want much more than people of need.
The things we have can soon be caught away
with other worries, concerns, and cares of the day.

But now we see, as we gather to be
together for just a short while,
that the things we want are not what we need,
the two are very different in fact.

As we gather today, to laugh and to play,
our hearts are more happy and won.
Won with gratitude and won with praise,
overflowing with joy and love.

Our thanks is not contained to a day or a date,
November the 22nd or 23rd, fouth, sixth, or the eighth.
No matter the day or season, we should always remember the reason
to count our blessings not our lackings
and give praise to God with a heart of thanksgiving.


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