November Sponsor Spotlight! & Giveaway!

Today I have the amazing opportunity to introduce you to three wonderful blogs and one very stylish shops.  I have great enjoyed developing a relationship with these lovelies.  I have no doubt that you will enjoy them too.

I asked these ladies to share why they started blogging.  I've always thought that was an interesting topic.  Below each picture is their words.

Make sure to read to the end.  There's a giveaway I know you'll want to enter.


Because I needed an outlet for my fashion and creativity and a reason to get dressed in the morning. 

My Beautiful, Crazy Life

In perspective, I started this blog to make friends, while sharing my journey through life. 

Tutus and Tea Parties

I love crafting. Always have, always will! My mom crafted with me when I was younger and it definitely gave me my crafting skills I have today! My friends, well, they aren't so crafty. They didn't get as excited as I did about glue guns and such. I needed to share my excitement about crafting (& parenting) with people who would get as excited as I do so I decided to start a blog. It was overwhelming at first...but I love where this little blog of mine has taken me.  

Outfit Additions

And that is a few of our sponsors.  Here's the giveaway...

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