Front Porch Problem Solving

My house is in a state of total upheaval.  We're remodeling.  This presents several problems.  Here's a list of a few of the problems and the solution that I decided to go with.

Problem:  There's NO place to seat or talk or entertain.

Analysis:  This is not good especially with the holidays approaching.  Guests will be coming.

Solution:  Create a warm and inviting outdoor environment outside the home.
Problem:  It has the potential to be a little chilly.  

Analysis:  There's no guarantee on the weather.  This is Oklahoma.

Solution:  Add candles, pillows, quilt, and rug.  If their needed, great.  If not, they look good.

Problem:  Just because these guests may choose the quieter location to gather does not mean that they wouldn't love a beautiful and inviting place to visit.

Analysis:  Because it's Oklahoma, planting flowers can present a problem.  There's always a chance of frost.

Solution:  Choose a flower, plant, or bush that is resistant to low temperatures and add a banner because everyone knows that a banner just makes everything prettier. 

I'm in a mad rush to get as much done as possible.  For now, Jackson and I are enjoying the front porch.

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