Front Porch Problem Solving

My house is in a state of total upheaval.  We're remodeling.  This presents several problems.  Here's a list of a few of the problems and the solution that I decided to go with.

Problem:  There's NO place to seat or talk or entertain.

Analysis:  This is not good especially with the holidays approaching.  Guests will be coming.

Solution:  Create a warm and inviting outdoor environment outside the home.
Problem:  It has the potential to be a little chilly.  

Analysis:  There's no guarantee on the weather.  This is Oklahoma.

Solution:  Add candles, pillows, quilt, and rug.  If their needed, great.  If not, they look good.

Problem:  Just because these guests may choose the quieter location to gather does not mean that they wouldn't love a beautiful and inviting place to visit.

Analysis:  Because it's Oklahoma, planting flowers can present a problem.  There's always a chance of frost.

Solution:  Choose a flower, plant, or bush that is resistant to low temperatures and add a banner because everyone knows that a banner just makes everything prettier. 

I'm in a mad rush to get as much done as possible.  For now, Jackson and I are enjoying the front porch.


  1. Beautiful! What a nice way to expand your space!
    My sister lives in OK too! Near OKC.

    1. One of my sisters lives there. She loves it.

  2. Hi new to you blog for the weekend blog walk I'm looking forward to your posts. I'm a daddy blogger and I blog about my wonderful family.

  3. GREAT! I love this look! I want to come sit on the porch for coffee, that is how inviting it looks! Thanks for linking up at Honey's Creative Homemaking!


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