a Week of Thanksgiving...this is my life


As I just get in from a long day of complete fun (and a little bit of work) I find myself surrounded with the serenity of home and family and peace and love.  And it's here, in this sweet habitation that I'm embraced with a thankful heart and a reflective mind.

I light a solitary candle and let it's warmth run over my face as the fire catches hold and eats away at the air and the day.

I reach over to run my hand along the soft fur of my dog Jackson and find it to be soothing...warming even.

I listen to melodies and counter melodies and sweet harmonies and the beautifulness of dissonant chords and complex rhythms and find my imagination has carried me to another place.

I lay back and sink into a mound of soft, hungry down pillows that envelop me, holding me tight and secure.

I rest, sweet rest, in the presence of a mighty God and I think, "how could anyone ever be more in love than I am right now?"  In this peace.  In this rest.

And then I remember a time when I was more in love than I am now. And although there is pain in that thought there is also a drawing.

A drawing back to who I love. A pulling back to the things that are really important.  A stirring to return to my real home.

And it's here that I find it...Him...

...and I'm thankful for Him above all else.


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