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I've only barely met Brit from These Happy Times, but I've quickly found that we have much in common.  It always feels good to find those people you would have shared culture with. 

I know you are going to love this lady so be sure to stop by her blog.

Hi. I'm Brit & I blog at These Happy Times.  Sharing on Danette's blog today has me feeling like I'm in high school and I'm hanging out with the cool kids. I just love her blog and am really excited to be over here today. You should know that sharing my heart is the reason I blog. It is impossible for me to not write about what God is doing in my life or how he is working to grow me as a person. Along with this, naturally I tend to write about the two most important men in my life. Noah, our little man who is 2, and Johnny, my sweet husband.

One thing to know about These Happy Times is that I'm pretty honest about life.
 The good. The Bad.

Honestly, sometimes in life we get into a funk. Have you ever been friends with the funk? If you haven't then count yourself lucky. However if you have met the funk you know that it isn't the loveliest place to be. The funk usually means you just feel blah, not yourself, and perhaps life hasn't been too kind. A few weeks ago we found ourselves in the funk. We received difficult news and our home was hit with the flu. Sometimes life is this way. Not everything is wonderful all the time.

Not even for believers. Not even in blog land. 

Guess what? We have the choice to either stay in the funk or to try to put some pep back in our step! Today I thought it would be fun to share how I climb out of the funk get happy! 

After about 4 days in the funk it was just too much. 
So we made the choice to get out of the house & the funk!
That night we had dinner on the living room floor (ordered pizza), we piled into the Durango (my version of a mommy van), and turned some fun music to have a dance party around town! 
My man held my hand tight here & there.
We dropped by the store to grab chocolate & coffee.
Then we hit up all the best stop lights in town to sing way too loudly and danced like crazy! Once we got home we put Noah to bed and danced some more.

So lets review the 4 Steps to get Out of The Funk!
First, make the choice to change your mindset.
Second, eat junk food.
Third, listen to loud music.
Fourth, have a dance party with someone fun! 

Hope this helps the next time you find yourself in the funk. 
I would love to hear from you & hope you come by to say hello!

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