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Recently, my sister, Dalayna from Pointing Up, had a guest post that moved me to tears.  It moved me to action.  I read Marie's post and literally could not stop crying.  I decided I had to do something to help her on her mission.

One of my main reasons for blogging is to encourage my readers to share love--to show love, to be love--in a world that is often loveless.   We all know the ever quoted and often over used quote Gandhi said to his people and the world.  "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  But to be the change, we have to act.

Joining with Marie last night, I donated $10 to her campaign.  I write that not as an accolade  but as proof.  I believe in this cause so much that I'm going to act, even a small bit, to bring change.  If we all work together, we can make a difference.

As you read this post, I encourage you, think about what you can do to change this problem and others that you are confronted with everyday.

One person, standing alone, is a great thing.  It speaks of her courage.  Her valor   Her compassion.  Her heart.  But, a group of people, unified, undivided, unwavering, determined won't be devoured by the world and dreams and plans of a few powerful men.  No, that undoubted crowd is a force to reckon with...a force that shifts culture to bring lasting reform and change.

All My Love for All My Days,


Hi! I'm Marie from Listening Rather Then Speaking!

So I wanted to write a blog that would reach hundreds thousands millions about the need to give back. As many of you know September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Cancer is something that hits my heart in a very sensitive way.

Baby's Feet By Theprodiqy
When I was in high school, I would volunteer at a hospital. It was an experience that I figured would be a give and take relationship. I would have volunteer hours on my college applications and they would have someone who could help out. I NEVER expected things to turn out to be a give-give-give-give situation. I volunteered on the children’s floor of the hospital. I would play with the little kids and feed the babies. I loved seeing their bright beautiful faces smiling and happy.

One day, I was following my “normal route”, I came across a room that had a baby that I never met nor seen. I was one of the volunteers the kids loved, because I knew all their names. He was crying, my heart melted. I slowly approached the crib and his little brown eyes, just looked at me. His name was J. for privacy reasons, I can’t talk about patients. I picked J up and he gave out a laugh. It was love at first sight. A nurse came by the room holding a bottle; I guess she walked away to make him one. The nurse handed me the bottle and said “I think you have things under-control, I’ll be back in a few”. J finished his bottle, just in time. It was time for me to head home. I placed him in his crib, and he began to cry again. I looked at his chart and it said he had not had any visitors for days! I wondered why. I picked him up again; the feeling of confusion and heartbreak entered my body. I wonder how someone could not want to see this beautiful baby’s face or just hold him. The nurse walked back into the room and grabbed him from my hands. She knew something was wrong, she looked over and said “Cancer”.

Baby Sam By Reskiy 
I made my way to the door and didn’t look back. That night, all I could think about was that little boy and how his family left him there to die. I wanted to just take him home with me and make the best out of the time he had left. I went back to the hospital the next day, J was gone. I had a blank look on my face, the nurse told me that he was down stairs getting testing done and that she would bring him to me. She told me that I would have to complete my chores and do them all with grade A effort. Within the first half hour of my shift, the nurse brought J to me. He looked so happy and gave me the same laugh. I asked the nurse; how long he had to live. She replied less the a month, if not a little less. I asked her where the family was, she told me that they said their goodbyes a long time ago. I cried.

I made a promise to myself and to J that we would make the best out of the time, he had left. I would go to the hospital early and on my days off just to see his face.

Baby Details By Juliephotography
Once my volunteer hours where up at the hospital  they told that I could no longer be allowed in J's room and I would have to receive permission for his family. I knew that this was goodbye. I agreed with the hospital and said my goodbyes. I knew that J would fight the battle for the both of us.

The updates that I would get from my school regarding J, turned into no updates at all. I figured it was time to just remember his adorable face and move on. I knew that he fought his battle with all the strength he could.

I recently thought alot about J, I thought about making a call to the hospital.

"To reach the children's floor press 6, 
Hi this is nurse xxx,  can I  help you?"

I talked to the nurse for about 15 minutes; she knew exactly what baby I was talking about and she shared the information that she could. She told me that J had beat the cancer;; he beat the cancer. He is now 3-4 years old, and is living with a foster family who is going thru the adoption process now. I cried. It was nice to know that J had beat his fight. It was nice to know that my prayers have been answer and that little boy will be okay. 

Cancer is extremely close to my heart, not only because of this baby, but because of how selfish i was.
I wanted nothing more then to have a clear well written application to college, and then this event happened. 

Baby By Pictureguy
I made the choice to give everything and any time I have to children and the fight to help them. This is the reason why if you check out my blog (click here) I have been begging people to donate to my fight to cure childhood illness and disease. I want to make a large donation on behalf of the followers/givers. Its a simple process ; you buy a box of coffee, we make the donation.   

As of right now we are shooting to give between 40% of all proceeds to the
hospitals. We are looking to give these proceeds to the children's wing of
hospitals. We have two hospitals in mind right now, but have not made a clear
choice due to the fact that they are both so close to my partners and my
heart. Both hospitals that where chosen
are known worldwide
.  We are making this
donation for children in general at this time. We want there to be a cure for all illness and disease that children get/can get. We want a brighter future for their today and their tomorrow. At this time, we would like to try and raise $5,000 dollars. Once we reach $5000 dollars, we would like to go even further and raise more. 

I know that most people have a ton of bills to pay for and
have a things to take care, but Im begging and praying. I'm asking people to
save the lives of our future. Who knows maybe, we have another Elvis, or Maryrlin Moore among us. Or we have a child among us that will create the
cure for cancer. We don't know what the future holds, but lets try and make it
brighter for these kids.

Baby Born By Katie490
I have created little perks that people can receive,

Buy one box- i will send you a personal thank you
Buy 2-4 boxes- i will announce your name on my blog. And
send you a personal thank you letter/card.
Buy 5-9 boxes - i will announce your name on my blog plus
run ad, send you a thank you, and a surprise!
Buy 10 boxes- a huge surprise!

I have set up donation perks as well that people can

$5-25 dollars - i will send you a personal thank you
$26-100- I will announce your name on my blog. And send you
a personal thank you letter/card.
$100+ - I will announce your name on my blog plus run your
ad, send you a thank you and a surprise!

These are just some of the little perks that I have set up
to say thank you to everyone!

There is a high need for people to give back, and to spread the news about giving back. This is my way of trying to spread the news and helping people at the same time. I ask that you just take the time to give a moment of your day and really look at your loved ones. Now take other moment to imagine your life without them. It hurts like a million knives stabbing you over and over again. Doesn't it? Now if you could relax yourself and do one more thing for me? Please. Imagine the millions of families who need your help who don't know how to ask for help or begging for your help. 

I thank you for taking the time out to read this post, and I'm sorry for any tears that I have cause.
May your thoughts and prayers be answered today, tomorrow, and everyday. 

UPDATE as of 10/09.

We currently sold over 5 boxes on behalf of the cause. I am extremely excited because of this!

contact me for information. i would be happy to answer any of your questions at any time of the day!

847-800-0971. or

the campaign has not been set up yet. but i can link you to the donation center (click above donate bar)
please i am begging for your help!

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