It's ok to take the long road

It's ok to take the long road.
     to ride the bike
     to take the long walk

In a world that always pushing us to do things fast--to get the job done--it's ok to take the long road.
     to slow down and inhale the beauty
     to rest from the caos
     to relax in the awkward moments
     to breathe in life

To really live life & absorb it all.
     to take it all in

To just...

Life is not a destination.  Life is a journey.  Long.  Hard.  Painful.  Fun.  But all worth it.  In encourage you, slow down and love life.  All of it.



  1. this is really nice and what I need to hear a lot of the days!

  2. Very inspiring!! Cute design byw

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  3. How very true! Thanks for the reminder.

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