What I'm Listening To...It's a Journey

Tonight I finished the first episode of season five of Fringe.  If you're not familiar with this Fox series I'll give you some brief highlights.

Fringe is a sci-fi thriller.  After years of being locked away in an asylum  Dr. Walter Bishop is released to the care of his estranged genius son, Peter.  He is release for the sole purpose of ascertaining the reasons for several strange and unexplained world events.  Just as an example, entire buildings and towns disappear.  Why?  No one knows.

Now we're in the fifth season.  You can only imagine the craziness that's happening now.  J.J. Abrams is a genius, but that's really a different topic entirely.

The scene that brought this whole post to my mind occurred when Walter, the doctor, is being tortured by a mind reader, or observer,  for information.  In the background music the viewer hears classical music playing.  The Observer says, "You're trying to think of music?  You miss music....we tolerate it.  But it's merely tones, rhythms, and harmonic vibrations.  I don't understand."

Walter replies to the stall inquisitive Observer, "Mostly [music] amazes me.  Music helps you to shift perspective.  To see things differently if you need to."

"To see things like...hope?"

"Yeah, very much like that."

So...that was a long story, but I loved this scene.  You should watch the show.  It's available on through this link on Hulu.com.

Now, on to what I'm listening to now...the music or audio that gives me hope.

The Daily Audio Bible

I listen to this podcast everyday and I love it.  I can listen to it in the car or when I'm putting my makeup on.  It really helps me to listen or read more of God's Word.  It's available for free download on iTunes.

Josh Garrels

How can I sing Josh's praise...well, kinda.  A new friend of mine recommended this project to me.  I listen to the first note and instantly knew I was in love.  With the music, of course.

Bon Iver
Do you need explanation needed?

Emerging Voices

This project just takes me to the presence of God.  I'm thankful that I work out late at night because I'm sure it'd disturb my neighbors if they saw me running around the block beating the air or tears just running my face.  Maybe they'd be ok with it.  Maybe.

Well, that's pretty much it with the exception of Christmas music and Choral music by Eric Whitecare.  Oh no!...I love him too!  And Fun.'s Some Nights (the clean version).  And then my favorite song ever --Journey's Don't Stop Believing.  What is wrong with me?!?

Music--all kinds of music--just has this way of connecting the emotional dots for me.  Music gives me...hope.

What about you?  What are you listening to?

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