this has been a week--end of the week round up

Hello, hello.

So much has happened this week--some good, some bad--but all happening just the same.   Truthfully, it's the end of my weekend and I'm tired.

Today I got the opportunity to judge OCDA All-State first round tryouts.  I have to say, it was so ironic being the person sitting behind the partition listening to the students sing their hearts out (or in some cases brains out).

As I sat there looking at the blank screen (intended to help the judges keep some form of amenity)  I realized that it was only a few (ok...12) years ago when I was standing behind that screen absolutely freaking out.

Isn't interesting how life does that to us?  We look at situations or tasks that scare us only to realize years down the road that those situations and tasks have helped shape our life into what it is.  If given our own choice we probably would have never challenged ourselves to do that scary thing, but some teacher or parent told us that hard work pays off.  Now go practice.

Maybe that was just my house...

In other news, here's few links that left me challenged or inspired or both.

     *I loved this video and yes, I cried.  I think you will enjoy it too.  LINK

     *I'm always looking to make something new.  I can't wait to try this out from Little Mudpies.                It's super easy and a great present.

     *Have you been introduced to Three Little Birds?  Well, you should stop by their etsy shop and purchase some of their great products.  I love this headpiece.  I think they'd be great for fall pictures.  What do you think?

     *My little sister, Dalayna from Pointing Up is one of my heros.  I love her even when she drives me crazy.  (You may have seen her in our weekly vlog series Sister Talk.)  Well, next week she hosting a link up called Not Quite There.  I love this because there are several of us bloggers that aren't married (yet) and/or don't have kids (yet).  You can read more about this link up here.

     *Last, but never least, it Reader Appreciate month and I want to invite you to enter the Reader Appreciate Giveaway.  I'm giving away two copies of the book Blog Inc. by Joy Cho.  I have found this book to be inspirational and I have no doubt that you would to.  Don't forget to enter here.

We'll see you in the html.

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