Insta-Weekend...just a day late

Normally, on Mondays are reserved for Sister Talk and maybe we'll still get one to you before the day is over.  However, Dalayna is a little under the weather.  

Have no fear.  We shall be back soon.  In the meantime here's a look at this weekend.  It was a good one!

This past weekend I celebrated one of my friend's birthdays by going to Beaver Lake in Arkansas.  I only got to stay one night, but I had so much fun.  And I think my friend did too.

There were so many dear by the cabin we stayed in and it was right on the lake!  Totally beautiful.  We went to the War Eagle craft show which was so amazing.  I found several interesting booths.  To find out more about the War Eagle Craft Show check out this link.

Church was on Sunday.  I love my church so much.  I have the amazing privilege to serve some of the most giving, supportive, and loving people on the planet.  You can read more about my church here & here.

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