Have Dress--Will Travel

Did your grandparents ever watch that show Have Gun--Will Travel?  Mine did, and believe me, I've sat through many a western show.

So maybe I'm not a gun fighter, but I enjoy a good party and I'm not afraid to travel to go to one especially if it's a formal one.  I've always been a fan of gold.  And I'm not certain that there's another color on earth that says celebration nearly as much as gold.

I've put together a look that I would wear to a formal holiday party.  Truthfully, it's on the pricey side, but beautiful just the same.

Have Dress--Will Travel
it's a Holiday Formal Party




  1. I would feel so pretty in that outfit.... love it.Definitely would need to FIND a reason to buy that dress and wear it!

    Tiffany at The Dwelling Tree

    1. I think sometimes we have to create excuses to do fun things.

  2. Oh my -- That dress is positively stunning! I'd love to wear a dress like that, and I'd certainly travel to do so, too!

  3. Hey lady! Found your blog through the Yours Truly blog hop and I'm now following you- I'd love if you'd stop by and follow back :) Love this look too. I actually got those shoes in pewter for my upcoming wedding (9 days, eek!) and I loooove them!
    xo, Sarah

  4. Following you too now. By the way, love those jewelry choices especially the bracelet that says "love."


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