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Hello, hello.

I wanted to share a craft that I finished today.  It's so simple and quite fun.

I have yet to find one person who doesn't love fall, but there is one thing about fall and winter that drives people indoors--the cold, wet wind.

The wind won't stop the beautiful colors as the magically appear, but it can drive us to our books, warm blankets, and fireplaces.

Naturally, we must have a way to mark our place in our books.  Hence the creation of this bookmark.

Here's what you need:

1.  Stamp your message onto the precut bookmark

2.  When the ink is dry, paint you design with the watercolor paint.  Experiment.  Have fun.  But the simpler the better.

3.  Make your tassel or buy one pre-made.  I chose to make mine.  I chose contrasting colors to add some interest.  Here's a link to make the tassels.  (Link)

4.  After the card stock died I went ahead and rounded the counters.  I just think it looks nicer.  I also punched the hole to run the tassel through.

5.  Run the tassel through and we're done!  Doesn't that look nice.  And you made it yourself.  There's some kind of special satisfaction that comes from that.

I had so much fun and you will too.  Take a few minutes and do this one.

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