Here's How I'd Style That

I love jeans.  Especially trouser jeans.  I wear them casual.  I dress them up and wear them fancy. I just love a good pair.  There's just one problem.  Even though I'm quite tall for a woman, they always seem to require a good pair of heels.  Usually a good pair of heels takes my 5'9" frame to about 6' making me taller than every man in my office.

But I love those trouser jeans, so I wear them.

I think we all have them...those pieces in our closet that just require something a little more.  That could be a necklace with a dress or a bracelet with turtleneck, but the outfit just needs it. 

Here's a picture of a simple ensemble that I literally throw together on

Here's How I'd Style That

Truthfully, there's a lot that I like about this outfit.  For one, the sweater is loose and casual, and it still looks like it's going to be warm.  I like the color of the purse.  I like the color and style of the shoes.  I'd only be about 5' 11" in those and taller than 3 guys in the office.  Without doubt we can all agree.  There's something missing.

And then enters Outfit Additions!

So, let's take this cute, but plain outfit and upstyle it's casual appeal by adding accessories.


Adding a few simple jewelry items like this necklace and these bracelets (or arm candy) will completely change your outfit.  For more style posts you can check out these posts here, here, and here.

Exciting news:  I just found out that Outfit Additions is having a special.  Use the promo code DAYS25 and receive 25% off of your purchase.  Wow!  The promotion ends this Friday so make sure you get on it.  I'm going to be shopping soon.

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