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You want to know a secret?  I've always wanted to be a star.  A real one.  Like on stage or on the screen.  At one time I thought I might actually make it.  As a child my parents enlisted me in acting classes.  (I've always had a flair for the dramatic.)  I was in band and choir and took voice lesson.  I was destined.  That moment, for me, never came.

Until now.

Last night while working at a church firework stand my big moment came.

Tulsa Fox 23 came out to the tent to do a segment on firework shooting safety.  Deep inside my heart, I knew this was my chance...the one opportunity that may only come this one time in my life.  I flew into action directing the scene.  After all, it was late.  Most of the customers of the day had came and gone.  But an empty fireworks tent?  What's interesting about that?  Nothing.  People had to be working.  People had to be buying.  People had to help me shine.

After a brief Rachel-Berry-melt-down/outburst/storm-out, I succeed in arranging the other volunteers allowing myself prime camera exposure.  Unfortunately, my outfit of choice, worn only to swear off the hot blistering heat, turned into an epic failure.  My white shirt blinded into the tent background and even with the flower details I looked like nothing more than a white blob with blonde hair.

The grief--the horror--the sickening madness of my failure!  This was the one chance afforded to me to be, truly be, a star.

Dramatic much?  Maybe so, but it was all sure fun.

If you live in the Tulsa area you should totally come buy fireworks from me tomorrow.  We're at the Jake's tent in the old Reasor's parking lot in Jenks.  (That's not confusing at all.)  And if you come see me, Danette, and say that you read this post, I'll give you something extra special.

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