this is getting really annoying...a note from Jackson

Dear Pet Pal,

So my mom (she's the crazy blonde in the picture) has decided to infringe upon my personal privacy and it's getting annoying.

First, she has the audacity to bring two white, fluffy dogs into my house.  They play with my toys.  They sleep in my bed.  And then, because they are on a strict no human food diet, she won't give me baby carrots for treats.  She says, "It's not fair Jackson.  If they can't have any then you can't have any."

The audacity!  Just thinking about it gets me mad.

If my mom decides to keep one we're going to have problems.  Big problems.

Then, if all that other stuff was bad enough, Miss MK came and stayed all day last Thursday.  Don't know who MK is?  Well I'll tell you who she is.  She is the terror in my nightmares!  She rides me like a pony.  She chases me around the house.  One time she caught me and tried to take me on a walk.  I resisted.

Don't get me wrong.  I love the kid.  Baby.  Toddler.  I'm not quite sure what she is.  I do love her.  But she has taken to giving me hugs and riding me.  She's like a 30 two!  I can only imagine what five will be like.  My mom loves her more than the wind and waves (and Mom really loves storms and oceans so that's saying a lot.)

I guess MK's really not that bad and my new friends aren't that bad either.  I guess I'm just a little bit selfish.  I really like attention.  And I miss my mom.  She hasn't been home very much lately.  I know she loves me because she takes me on walks and lets me sleep in her bed.  I just miss her.

Well, Pet Pal, thanks for reading,

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