Think about it, Do it

I'm sharing this commercial because I avidly believe in it's message.  I hope it leads you to think about life and your family and driving safety.

Some driving safety suggestions:

1.  Slow down in construction zones.  
There are workers on the road and their life is precious.

2.  Discourage passengers to help.
 Encourage passengers to have fun but be safe.  I drive with teenagers in my car quite often.  They love to open the door while the vehicle is moving.  Be honest with them and explain why this is dangerous.  Recently, I told one of them why this made me so agitated and they stopped acting a mess.

3.  Buckle up.
Yes, it's the law, but it also saves lives.  I know quite a few people who disagree with me, but I've seen the statistics and I've experienced the loss.  It does save lives.

4. Move over for emergency vehicles.  
They are either going to a medical emergency or leaving one and if you or your family member was in that vehicle you'd want everyone to move.  Seconds matter.

5.  Pay attention.
Do not text and drive.  If you're tired pull over.  
The great thing about technology is we all have apps that can take care of texting.  I know that my commute to work takes at least 30 minutes.  I can get a lot of work done in 30 minutes especially correspondance but resist the urge to text and drive.  I just downloaded a new app.  It's called Voice and I can text, email, update Facebook, and tweet all with my voice.

I know that these are all tips that you've read or heard but it only takes one mistake to end a life.  I do pray that God protect your steps and your ways.  Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

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