{Vegetarian is the Way} and Pinned it Made It Challenge

Yesterday (Monday) marked a full two weeks of my new journey as a vegetarian.  I would have to say that it has been surprisingly easy.  Besides from a little dizziness after a long walk I haven't felt any negative side effects.  Further, I've lost five eight pounds (I weighed again this morning) simply by changing my diet.  That's fairly remarkable if you ask me.

Every once and a while I want something sweet.  I came across this recipe on A Beautiful Mess.  I pinned it to my Give Vegetarian a Try board and baked it up this weekend.  I did make a few alterations namely the addition of a tablespoon of Mexican vanilla.

Pretty delicious if I say so myself...


  1. That looks delicious! Good job on the vegetarian diet! I did it for 2 months and ended up gaining weight because I kept eating bread and pasta, WHOOPS!

  2. Good for you!! What a great change to make! I've always thought about going vegetarian...but I'm afraid it might fuel my love for carbs, and that's no good! Keep up the good work!

  3. Looks good! Thanks so much for linking up to the GFC Blog Hop!! Have a GREAT week!

  4. This looks yummy! Good for you. I was a vegan from the age of 12-17, then vegetarian from 18-22 and it is definitely an adjustment in the beginning. I switched to a vegan lifestyle after strong convictions but then around age 22 with some health problems started gradually eating chicken and more dairy. It is a refreshing way to eat though, good for you!

  5. That looks so yummy! Don't you love the feeling of actually making something you pinned?

    I think it's incredible that you've lost so much weight so quickly, just by eliminating meat. Keep it up, and make sure you get that protein so you don't have dizzy spells. I love my peanut butter...probably a little too much, but it's full of protein.

  6. Looks delicious. I love that feeling of accomplishing something off Pinterest, lol

    xo, Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  7. This looks so good! It makes me want to bake as well :)



  8. What an adorable blog!! This looks delish and I am hungry, so you know what gotta grab this. :)

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  10. hmmmm that looks soooo yummy! like no joke! ohhhh and i'm a new follower!

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  11. Mmmm looks yummy! Thanks for sharing xo


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